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Activities and Screenings in DocLisboa International Film Festival

Course supervisor: Victor Candeias

Within the framework of this activities-based course unit, students attend sessions in DocLisboa International Film Festival, which has become one of the foremost documentary festivals in Europe.

Students attend the screening of recent films from all around the world and have personal contact with some of their makers. They get to know how a festival works, its characteristic ambiance, recent trends in film selection and its festival programming. They should see a wide variety of film works, as well as build contacts with festival participants and organisers.

Students also take part in professional conferences and other events of the festival’s programme, including LisbonDocs, a professional forum organised by the European Documentary Network (EDN) where a selection of new projects are proposed to an international panel of commissioning editors and co-producers.

Depending on the type of visits and screenings, students may attend a selected programme of films and events led by the course supervisor, or follow an independent programme according to their personal interests and time conveniences.


Call for Application to the 2021-2023 (tenth) edition is closed.

The next call will open in October 2021.

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DOC NOMADS Erasmus Mundus Masters Course is aimed to students from all over the world with a BA degree in Film Studies, in Arts or in Media Communication studies.

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The DOC NOMADS EMMC has three full partners and enjoys the backing of 19 European and non-European associated members.

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