UC Documentary Skills

Tools and Aesthetics

Instructors: Tony Costa, Miguel Cabral, Hedisson Mota, Jorge Amorim, Pedro Marques, Elsa Ferreira.

The curricular unit is divided in to course modules and elective workshops with the complementary training required for the production of documentary films: namely Camera and Lighting Cinematography, Location Sound Recording, Editing and Post, Sound Editing and Sound Mixing.

The workshops, which include individual short exercises, are strictly aimed to demonstrate workflow processes, functioning tools and operative methods relating to the technical equipment and software that students are advised to use in the semester.

The other lessons in the mandatory modules of the Documentary Skills course have a complementary purpose, which is focused mostly on theory, aesthetics and advanced techniques in terms of how to use tools creatively.

These learning steps aim to strengthen the individual skills that are required in the assigned film exercises throughout the semester. In a broader context it aims to familiarise students with the procedures to be carried out by a very small crew in documentary production.


Call for Application to the 2021-2023 (tenth) edition is open.

The application submission is exclusively online. Only documents submitted via the DocNomads website are accepted.

Application deadline: January 4th 2021 (23:59 CET)

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DOC NOMADS Erasmus Mundus Masters Course is aimed to students from all over the world with a BA degree in Film Studies, in Arts or in Media Communication studies.

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The DOC NOMADS EMMC has three full partners and enjoys the backing of 19 European and non-European associated members.

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