DocNomads issued 6 numbers of the DNA Newsletter between the Spring of 2016 and the Fall of 2018, which became the first series of newsletters distributed amidst the DocNomads network of students, alumni, scholars, collaborators and affiliates, wishing to contribute to strengthen a communication channel between people currently and formerly participating in the programme, and also external people interested in following DocNomads activities.

Within its editorial line, the varied content of the first series of these newsletters included info of broad interest, spanning from giving notice of new activities within the programme, to sharing news about the professional lives of alumni, to spotlighting perspectives about relevant industry topics and other emerging issues related to documentary filmmaking.

A new series of DocNomads Newsletter in updated format is being prepared for quarterly release, which launching is expected to happen until the end of this year. In the meantime, we make the archived numbers of the first series available to the public, which can be viewed from below.

DNA Newsletter 06 - Autumn 2018

DNA Newsletter 05 - Spring 2018

DNA Newsletter 04 - Autumn 2017

DNA Newsletter 03 - Summer 2017

DNA Newsletter 02 - Autumn 2016

DNA Newsletter 01 - Spring 2016


Call for Application to the 2021-2023 (tenth) edition is closed.

The next call will open in October 2021.

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DOC NOMADS Erasmus Mundus Masters Course is aimed to students from all over the world with a BA degree in Film Studies, in Arts or in Media Communication studies.

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The DOC NOMADS EMMC has three full partners and enjoys the backing of 19 European and non-European associated members.

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