Roel Vande Winkel

Roel Vande Winkel is the DocNomads course director at LUCA Brussels. He is a film scholar and researcher, teaching at Sint Lukas Brussels (LUCA School of Arts) and at the University of Leuven.

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He is associate editor of the “Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television” and board member of IAMHIST, the International Association for Media and History.

His work was published in international academic journals such as “Javnost”, “Communications: the European Journal of Communication Research”, “Critical Studies in Media Communication”, the “Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television”, “Filmblatt”, “Historical Reflections”, “Journal of Film Preservation” and “Film International”. He edited the volumes “Silencing Cinema” (with Daniel Biltereyst), “Cinema and the Swastika” (with David Welch) and “Perspectives on European Film and History” (with Leen Engelen). Next to contributing to various reference works (such as the “Routledge Encyclopedia of Documentary Film”), Roel Vande Winkel published several articles and books in Dutch.

Within the Doc Nomads program, Roel Vande Winkel is involved in the development of the curriculum (3rd semester) and responsible for supervising the graduation essay papers (4th semester).


Call for Application to the 2021-2023 (tenth) edition is open.

The application submission is exclusively online. Only documents submitted via the DocNomads website are accepted.

Application deadline: January 4th 2021 (23:59 CET)

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