Victor Candeias

Victor Candeias
Documentary Skills
Documentary Film Directing
Lecturer and Mentor in Film Exercises

Doc Industry Events
Course Supervisor

Graduation Semester MDP

Victor Candeias has been both a producer and a director for short films, commissioned documentaries and commercial videos from 1990 to 2007.   

Some of his films received awards, including the “D. Quijote” (International Federation of Film Societies) for the fiction short “Night Story” (2005), which was broadcasted by RTP (national public television), funded by ICAM (national film institute), and presented in festivals and markets in Portugal, Spain, UK, France, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Japan and USA.

He holds a Master in Film Studies (ULHT, 2011) concluded with the project MultiFilme and the thesis “A Model to Produce Multi-variant and Multi-linear Films” in the field research of experimental digital cinema. Currently, he is pursuing a PhD in the Arts at KU Leuven, Belgium.

Since 2002 he teaches documentary and fiction course subjects in the film degrees at Lusófona University, and has been involved in several training programs and workshops for other schools and organizations since 1990. In 2003 Lusófona University published the book “An Introduction to Documentary Scriptwriting” based in didactic texts he wrote for his classes.

Presently, he is the course director of DocNomads-Lisbon, where he’s also a leading participant in the curriculum of its 1st and 4th semesters.


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