Gábor Szabó

Gábor Szabo
Documentary Film Directing
Cinematography Lecturer and Adviser (2014-15)

Advanced Cinematography and Editing
Cinematography Instructor and Advisor (2020)

Gábor Szabó graduated in 1975 from the Hungarian Film Academy. He later worked as a professor of cinematography at the Hungarian Film Academy for 30 years. Currently, he is involved in the establishment of a new form of film education at the Budapest College of Communication and Business (BKF). Meeting a need in film study materials, he wrote a book about film-language. He also hosted a Hungarian television program about the basics of photography and filmmaking.

Szabó was the cinematographer for the movie "The Revolt of Job" which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Film in 1984. His movie “Meteo” that he shot with András Monori-Mész played in the movie theatres for years, and was considered a cult movie in Hungary. Vilmos Zsigmond, Oscar-winning cinematographer, chose Szabó as his DOP when making his own directorial debut, “The Long Shadow”, with Liv Ulmann and Michael York.

Szabó also worked on numerous films with Dutch director Rudolph van den Berg. Their latest work together, Tirza, was the Dutch candidate for the best foreign language Academy Award in 2011.


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