Gábor Balázs

Gábor Balázs
Documentary Film Directing
Sound Adviser (2013-14)

Gábor Balázs is a sound engineer, sound editor and designer. He holds a DLA and is the Head of The Film and Television Department of SZFE University.

He has worked in short fictions, features, documentaries and television films, among them: 

Titita (dir. Tamás Almási) documentary film (sound post) 2015

Dumapárbaj (dir. Béla Paczolay ) feature film 2015

Mancs (dir. Robert Pejo) feature film (sound post) 2014

Boy7 (dir. Lourens Blok) feature film (sound producer) 2014

Mirage (dir. Szabolcs Hajdu) feature film (sound post) 2014

Swing (dir. Csaba Fazekas) feature film (sound) 2013-14

White God (dir. Kornel Mundruczó) feature film (location sound mixer, sound editor, sound designer) 2013-14

Sein other nicht’n Gaage (dir. René Marik, Johan Robin) feature film (location sound mixer) 2012

The centenarian (dir. Felix Herngren) feature film (location sound mixer) 2012

Viktoria (dir. Men Larieda) feature film (location sound mixer) 2012

Domestic (dir. Adrian Sitaru) feature film (sound designer) 2012

Final Cut (dir. György Pálfi) feature film (sound editor, sound designer) 2012


He received the Balázs Béla Award (2009), the Golden Microphone award in the 36th Hungarian Film Week (2004) for The Paths of Light (Állítsátok meg Teréz anyut, dir. Dallas  Pashamende), and Best Sound award in Belo Horizonte Film Festival, Brazil (2004) for Little Apocrypha No. 2. (dir: Kornél Mundruczó) 

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0051357//


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