Attila Kékesi

Attilla Kékesi
Directing in the Field
Documentary Film Directing
Instructor and Mentor in Film Exercises

Ethics in Documentary History
Lecturer and Course Supervisor

Graduation Semester MDP
Course Supervisor and Mentor

Attila Kékesi (DLA, associate professor) has been a documentary film director, producer, cinematographer and editor since 1994.

He received his higher degrees (MA, DLA) at the University of Theatre and Film Arts (SZFE) - Budapest, where he has been teaching since 2001, acting as well as deputy head of the Documentary Film Directing Master Program of SZFE (DokMA). He wrote his thesis for DLA degree about the ethical responsibility of documentary directors.

In his filmmaking career he has made approximately 15 films so far. His major works are “The Spirit of the Age” (1998), “The Face of the Revolution” (2006), “Motalko - The Chronicle of a Petrol Station” (2011), “View from the Prison” (2012), “Close to Capa” (2014), "The Virtuoso" (2016). His films have been presented and awarded in several festivals. He received the prestigious Hungarian professional acknowledgment “Béla Balázs Award” in 2010.

Within the Doc Nomads program, Attila Kékesi is involved in the development of the DocNomads-Budapest curriculum, and is a leading instructor in courses of the 2nd and 4th semesters.


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