Gert Van Berckelaer

Gert Van Berckelaer
Documentary Film Directing
Image Editing

Graduation Semester MDP
Editing Adviser

Gert Van Berckelaer is a Brussels-based editor and producer.

After spending his youth in Antwerp, he lived in Colorado, USA where he got his degree in Liberal Arts. Back in Belgium got his BA in social and political sciences at KULeuven and audiovisual arts at LUCA, Brussels.

He settled in Brussels and started working as a freelance editor and director in close collaboration with major production companies. At the same time, he started creating original content, videoclips and trailers for various international artists.

He created dandv, a youtube channel with over 60 music reports with interviews, behind the scenes and concert bits that he produced, directed, filmed and edited.

In 2009 he started his own postproduction facility in the centre of Brussels, Montagewinkel, a collective of editors experienced in features and series, fiction and documentary, commercials and music videos, a co-working space for editors, designed by editors.

In 2010 he joined Visualantics and started producing his first feature documentary. The film was developed through the EURODOC training initiative which he attended as a producer.

With over 20 years’ experience in the film industry, he has been working on several award-winning fiction films, series, and documentaries, including ‘Reach for the SKY’ and ‘The Sound of Belgium’.

Gert is part of the workgroup for the arts in Brussels (The Flemish Community Commission), a member of bemontage, and Flanders DOC.


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