Judith Vreriks

Judith Vreriks
Documentary Skills
Production Seminar
Lecturer (2014-2016)

Graduation Semester MDP
Project Adviser (2014-2016)

Judith Vreriks, born in The Netherlands, studied Culture and Film in Utrecht (NL) and in Glasgow (UK).

As a writer/director and creative producer with a university background, she has built up a strong track record in the film industry. She has over 15 years of experience in all aspects of documentary film, from concept development and writing to the delivery to broadcasters, sales agents and distributors.

Judith has worked with a wide variety of directors, among whom Heddy Honigmann, Jeroen Berkvens, Jessica Gorter and Coco Schrijber. She has worked as associate producer and scriptwriter for various documentaries by Cobos films and she also directed her own films, among which Esmiralde, sixteen years in 9 scenes.

Since October 2011 she produces for Zeppers Film and is responsible for Paradiso, an Amsterdam Stage Affair by Jeroen Berkvens, 900 Days by Jessica Gorter, Dirty Window by Walter Stokman and The Mission by Robert Oey. She's the executive producer for How to Meet a Mermaid by Coco Schrijber and works on new productions with Jessica Gorter, Sarah Vos & Sander Snoep and Jaap van Hoewijk.


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