Arne Bro

Arne Bro 
Master Classes
Visiting Lecturer (2015)

Arne Bro is vice-director of the National Film School of Denmark and head of its Documentary and TV Department, and has been a guest lecturer in courses, seminars and workshops in other schools. 

He graduated from the National Film School of Denmark as a film director and scriptwriter. In 1988 he co-founded PENTA-FILM, a TV and Documentary film production company. He was executive producer in TV2/South for the series Wild Horse Island, Rasmus on the Route, and Under The Same Sky, among others.

He directed for TV2/South the documentaries Ballesinis Modeller (Ballesini’s Models), Begyndelse (Beginning), Koncert for en Fisker (Concert for a Fisherman), Verdens centrum (Center of the World), Modstands steder (Resistance Places), Det Fælles Rum (The Common Space), Kom Hviledagen i Hu (Remember The Resting Day), Weekend i det blå (Weekend in Blue), Sen Udvikling (Late Development).

He served as a board member in the Danish Film Academy, The Danish Government Film Office (SFC), The Film Law Committee (Danish Film Academy), The Film workers Union (FAF), The Film Law Committee (The Film Branch, Film Directors and FilmWorkers Union), Jorge Holguins Dance Theatre, Ricketts Dance Company, Theatre Company "Selskabet". He was also counsellor for The Media Assistant Education (Viborg), Counsel of Ethnic Minorities (Ministry of Interior Affairs), Institut för Högre TV-Utbildning (Göteborg), Digital Media Counsel (Ministry of Culture).


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