Two DocNomads films selected to Visions du Réel, Switzerland

Farah Kassem´s “You Make a Better Window Than You Do a Door" and Vahagn Khachatryan´s “The Moon The Sun and The Three Musketeers” will premiere at the 48th Visions du Réel International Documentary Film Festival held in Nyon, Switzerland, from 21 to 29 of April.


The Moon The Sun and The Three Musketeers 

By Vahagn Khachatryan • 20' • 2016 • Portugal, Armenia


A small town on the border between Portugal and Spain. A place beyond space and time. Not much happens during the day. But at night old ghosts roam once again the ancient streets of the village. A completely different facet of the village rises from the shrouds of the past. Mystery once again takes its place in the life of the villagers allowing them to cast a glance to the other side. 


You Make a Better Window Than You Do a Door

By Farah Kassem;• 29' • 2016 • Belgium, Lebanon


Farah lives in Brussels. Wissam, her Syrian lover, was not able to leave Lebanon when she did. She tells the story. She reveals their romantic relationship by way of the footage shot, before her departure, in her Beirut small bedroom wide open on the city and the edgy Middle East. Alternately, softly, with the help of her neighbour Arieh, she retraces this intimate journey. On the windowsill, with Europe before her, she wonders. What is left of their story and the strength of their love beyond borders and time? The separation takes on a physical form through this device. The fragile images recorded in Lebanon are the only traces of a reality that was obvious at the time. And Farah’s search for these disappeared recollections is a small struggle to ensure that this story is not wiped from her memory. The story of all those who have had to leave their lives, their cities, their lovers unfolds through Farah and Wissam. The universal story of all those who, one day, must leave and fight not to forget.

Madeline Robert, in Visions du Réel catalogue.


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