Q) How can I apply for a scholarship?

A) This year Erasmus Mundus scholarships are not available. You can apply for self-funded places only. However, after completing the first semester, students admitted to the DocNomads master course are eligible for Erasmus mobility scholarships. More information: http://www.docnomads.eu/scholarships.

Q) Will there be Erasmus Mundus scholarships available for DocNomads next year?

A) In the first period, it is the organisational and financial support of the European Union that gives the new European joint masters a chance to become globally known. With this support and the thorough analysis of student feedback in the first years, the academic and pedagogical quality of a new master course can be kept at a constantly high level. After the first supported years, joint programmes such as the DocNomads Documentary Film-directing Master Course become an organic part of the European higher education scene. From the second semester on, registered students may apply for mobility grants at the host institutions. For more information, see scholarships.

The three universities that had launched the DocNomads course can apply again for student grants to the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Union. To date, we cannot provide information on the opening date of application for fellowship for future undergraduates.

Q) How can I apply as an ongoing student if my diploma is due in the summer of 2017?

A) Apply for a certification of your expected diploma at the educational institution that will issue it. Remember to include exact dates of your study period and of the expected graduation.

Q) Due to slow administrative processes my diploma cannot be authorised/legalized in the required way (Embassy/Apostille seal) before the application deadline. What can I do?

A) Apply for a certified copy of the original document at the educational institution that issued the diploma and upload this copy in your application. Please note that you can only enrol if you can present the legalized diploma certificates.

Q) What counts as a certified copy of the original document?

A)  Certified copies are photocopies of original documents that are certified with a stamp and signature to confirm that the copies are true to the originals. New date of the certification must be included.

Q) My English language certificate was issued before 8 January 2015. Is it acceptable?

A) If you can give evidence of your current good English language skills, we can accept an older certificate.

Q) There is no English language test available before the application deadline.

A) Please describe your language situation in the given field of the online application. Include the expected date of your forthcoming language test. 

Q) The language of instruction at my higher educational institution was English but I do not have any language certificates. Can I apply? 

A) Yes, in the following way: Apply for some form of certification from your educational institution denoting your good language skills. The certificate should indicate that the language of instruction was English. Please also describe your language situation in the given field of the on-line application.

Q) My CV/Letter of Motivation etc. does not fit in the given fields in the on-line application. What can I do? 

A) You should edit/shorten your data so that it will fit. Include only the most important information. The given character limit cannot be changed.

Q) Can I apply with a fiction film as my previous film?

A) Yes, your previous film can be of any genre.

Q) Can I apply with a shorter/longer film (extract)?

A) The previous film should not be longer than 9 minutes, but can be shorter (3-9 minutes). The duration of the application film ("My World") should be 3 minutes.

Q) Can I use voice-over/narration in the application films?

A) Yes, you can, provided that is your own voice.

Q) Video effects and sound effects are not accepted in the application film (“My World”). What counts as video and sound effects?

A) Unaccepted video effects are: time-lapse, stop/slow/fast motion, cross dissolves, filters, black-and-white, split screen, vignette, graphic animation.  

Sound in the film must be the original recorded sound in-sync with the picture. You can add your voice, but no: music, archive sounds, or sound effects. 


Call for Application to the 2017-2019 (sixth) edition is now closed.

New call will be launched later this year.

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DOC NOMADS Erasmus Mundus Masters Course is aimed to students from all over the world with a BA degree in Film Studies, in Arts or in Media Communication studies.

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The DOC NOMADS EMMC has three full partners and enjoys the backing of 19 European and non-European associated members.

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