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The Doctor Leaves Last

In November 2013 the Revolution of Dignity started in Ukraine. After hearing about cruel beatings of peaceful protesters, Tanya decided to leave her elderly mother in a small town, and become a volunteer doctor in Kyiv.

The Doctor Leaves Last (trailer)
Svitlana Shymko
2014, 26'

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Songs About Home

Distorted archive footage shows an old woman living in a remote village in the Himalayas. But who is this woman singing a traditional love rhyme for the camera man? Years later we meet the same woman in a different setting. Everything around her seems to have changed but not her passion for singing. But who is listening to her songs of longing? Songs and silence, religion and science, East and West, past and present meet in a house somewhere in the Belgian ‘jungle’.

Songs About Home (excerpt)
Dorotyya Zurbó
2014, 26'

What Remains

The household of a Lisbon family is disbanded after a century, and turns into the hub of a biographical and contemporary investigation. While the camera accompanies the further path of the furniture and objects left behind, a fragmentarily mounted exchange of letters off screen bears witness to personal and historic tragedies. What remains – o que resta – , is the memory. A time-essay. (Diagonale Catalogue).

What Remains (excerpt)
Jola Wieczorek
2014, 39'

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The Valley (excerpt)

Csabi and Piri live their lives together in the remote Hungarian village where they grew up. Steady work is tough, but they're managing. Surrounded by their nephews and nieces, they'd like to start a family of their own. But this has proved to be complicated.

The Valley(excerpt)
Nayeem Mahbub
2014, 26'


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