UC Documentary Film Directing | B

Theory and Practice

Instructors and Mentors in Film Exercises: Laurent van Lancker, Rob Rombout, Michel Coquette

Lecturers and Advisers: Charo Calvo, Sonia Pastecchia, Daniel Deshays 

Visiting consultants: Tamás Almási, Victor Candeias

At the beginning of the semester, a seminar is taught by Belgian filmmaker Laurent Van Lancker. Following new trends in documentary cinema and post-cinema, this seminar investigates some sensorial, collaborative and auto-ethnographic strategies. Students learn to focus on ways in which orality, a-synchronicity, and archive materials can be used as tools, in order to achieve creative dialogues between sound and image in documentary films. The seminar will draw on recent works by Laurent Van Lancker and other filmmakers, also including a practical exercise.

Beyond this, the course focuses mainly on the film exercise Sound Before Image in which sound (the director’s voice, in particular) is the first and essential part of the creation. 

Students are assisted by the instructors as well as by guest lecturers and a voice coach to write, create, record and direct their own voice in their mother tongue. Narration, intonation, breathing, poetry and point of view are the keywords. Students learn to become a narrator, an actor in their own film, by using their own voice.

This learning experience sharpens the awareness of the audio part of the documentary process. Students learn that their voice can do more than provide a ‘voice-over’; their voice can be an essential instrument in the creation of a documentary film.


Call for Application to the 2017-2019 (sixth) edition is now closed.

New call will be launched later this year.

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DOC NOMADS Erasmus Mundus Masters Course is aimed to students from all over the world with a BA degree in Film Studies, in Arts or in Media Communication studies.

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The DOC NOMADS EMMC has three full partners and enjoys the backing of 19 European and non-European associated members.

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