Q) Which countries belong to the "third country" category?

A) Except for EU and EEA-EFTA countries, all the other countries of the world including the USA, Canada, Switzerland, and Japan among others.

Q) Due to slow administrative processes my diploma cannot be authorised/legalized in the required way (Embassy/Apostille seal) before the application deadline. What can I do?

A) Apply for a certified as true and original copy at the educational institution that issued the diploma and upload this copy in your application. Please note that you can only enrol if you can present the legalized diploma certificates.

Q) How can I apply as an ongoing student if my diploma is due in the summer of 2015?

A) Apply for a certification of your expected diploma at the educational institution that will issue it. Remember to include exact dates of your study period and of the expected graduation.

Q) Can I apply with a shorter/longer film (extract)?

A) The "previous film" should not be longer than 9 minutes, but can be shorter (3-9 minutes). The length of "My World" should be 3 minutes.

Q) Can I apply with a fiction film as my previous film?

A) Yes, your previous film can be of any genre and with any effects.

Q) Can I use voice-over in the application films?

A) Yes, you can.

Q) Special effects/visual effects are not accepted in My World film. What count as special/visual effects?

A) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special_effects , http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visual_effects . Thus, among not accepted effects are e.g. colour correction, animation, timelapse, black-and-white, vignette, cross dissolves, filters, split screen, stop/slow/fast motion, fade/dissolves in audio, etc.

Q) Is my English language certificate issued before 2012 acceptable?

A) If you can give evidence of your current good English language skills, we can accept your old certificate.

Q) There is no English language test available before the application deadline.

A) Please describe your language situation in the given field of the on-line application and include the will-be date of your language test. 

Q) The language of instruction was English at my higher educational institution but I do not have any language certificates. Can I apply?

A) Yes, in the following way: Apply for a certification about your good language skills at your educational institution. The certification text should include that the language of instruction was English. Please describe your language situation in the given field of the on-line application.

Q) My CV/Letter of Motivation/etc. does not fit in the given fields in the on-line application. What can I do?

A) You should edit/shorten your data so that it will fit the field. Insert only the most important information. The given character limits cannot be changed.