In each partner country the DOCNOMADS Masters Course is fully recognized as an accredited Masters program in filmmaking.


In Hungary, the Dokumentumfilm-rendező művész mesterképzési szak/ Masters in Documentary Film Directing was accredited by the National Accreditation Committee (MAB) in May 2011.


In Portugal, the Masters in Direction for documentary has been officially recognized by the Portuguese Ministry of Science and Higher Education and also by the National Agency for Higher Education Accreditation and Evaluation under Decree n.º 14500/2012, from the 08 of November. This course is also internationally recognized under CILECT (Centre international de liasion des écoles de cinéma et télévision).


In Belgium, the LUCA, College Sint Lukas Brussels already runs a Masters in de audiovisuele kunsten / Masters of Audiovisual arts. The Masters in de audiovisuele kunsten / Masters of Audiovisual arts has been accredited again in 2010 by the Dutch-Flemish accreditation Organisation (NVAO) from 01/09/2011 - 30/09/2017. Additionally, the Decree of 4 April 2003 (Art. 94) concerning the reform of higher education, and the Decrees of 30 April 2004 (Art. 106 / Art. 95bis.1), 16 June 2006 (Art. 41 / Art. 95bis.1), 8 May 2009 (Art. V.48/ and 9 July 2010 (Art. 95bis.1) stipulate clearly that two or more universities together can deliver a joint, double or multiple degree within the subject areas (in this case: Audiovisual arts) they are authorised to teach in, both in a national and international context.